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A reliable friend for better hearing

Beltone Ally Hearing Aid

Beltone Ally is the ideal choice for patients seeking an advanced, yet affordable solution offering natural and easy hearing. With advanced sound processing features and industry leading 2.4 GHz direct wireless technology, Beltone Ally is a great option in the Basic and Budget technology segments. Combine this with Beltone's familiar, durable hardware and a wide variety of models for a solution that will suit every patient.

Undoubted benefits of wireless

Beltone Ally is the basic full-family solution to use industry-leading 2.4 GHz direct wireless technology. Some benefits of wireless your patients may enjoy are remote control with hearing aids and streaming of any sound they want from a TV, phone, or even a live venue.

A model for every patient

A full product line, Beltone Ally offers a great selection of robust and reliable models that can fit over 90% of your patients with almost any type of hearing loss, from mild to severe.